Your Swiss-born host Tinu Jossi, followed his heart and passion and moved up to Lapland in 2005 to work with his dogs, to have some space, peace and quiet.
“My guests are part of the day-to-day running of the small farm - here you will experience a Husky farm in Lapland behind the scenes and not your typical tourist entertainment resort!”
You can join Tinu when he feeds the dogs and the llamas, trains the teams with the sledge, creates a new trail with the snow mobile or even lend a hand when building or repairing something on the farm.
In the evenings it is time to sit around a fire, talk about the day’s experience, plan the next day and have a warm homely meal together.

There are loads of other things to do and places to see when using the Arctic Camp as your base from which to explore the surrounding Lapland and Tinu will gladly assist in the planning and organising of your adventures.

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Tinu Jossi
Tinu Jossi